Rösch The Pure Art of Wellbeing

Sit back, relax and enjoy your personal moment of wellbeing in casual home- and loungewear, delicate nightwear and fashionable beach- and swimwear. An authentic collection which makes life easier, chic designs, consciously chosen materials, a sustainable production and the best fit. The pure art of wellbeing at its best.


Féraud Paris = exciting, feminine and exclusive: luxurious couture following the heritage of the French couturier and painter Louis Féraud. 

Fashion is not designed to separate people but to connect them. It is a rendezvous with love. (Louis Féraud 1921-1999)

Féraud Paris embodies pure luxury. The brand is inspired by the colour pallette of the great artist, by the couturiers of Paris? catwalks and the French haute couture and celebrates feminity with its designs.

Bee Happy

Bee Happy We bring colour into your life

A wonderful day at the beach. Cristal clear water. A shiny blue sky. The feeling of tranquility, relaxation and boundless freedom. And the unconditional wish to take this feeling back home. This is the story where Bee Happy begins, the story of colourful nightwear which shall bring you joy and fun. No more grey is the new black and no more off-white is the new white. We want to bring colour into your life.